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AV2 Logistics
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Air Cargo

  • Express We transport your box or pallet instantly, 1day of transit (depending on origin and destination)
  • Priority Ideal for critical loads. Of 1-2 days of transit.
  • Standar For those important loads, but not so critical. 5-6 days of transit.


  • Full load (FTL)

    Full load (FTL)

    We handle your cargo in Mexico, E.U. Canada and Central America
  • FCL (Full Container Load)

    FCL (Full Container Load)

    We collect your merchandise at source, Maritime transport service by container.
  • National e International

    National e International

    We transport your box or pallet instantly, 1 day of transit (depending on origin and destination).
  • Personalized Attention

    Personalized Attention

    We are experts in logistics and merchandise management.
  • Special services

    Special services

    Customs, handling of pharmaceutical products, bulk, chemical, electronic, high value, dangerous, etc
  • Trained Staff

    Trained Staff

    Experience, Knowledge, Seriousness