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AV2 Logistics
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AV2 logistics is a company, 100% Mexican, specialized in Logistics and International Trade, with trained personnel with more than 15 years of experience,

Born from the vision of offering integrated logistics solutions with the main objective of customer satisfaction We offer the best solution in storage, distribution and logistics. Really more than a solution, we offer to be a true logistic partner of your company

  • Values and Aptitudes
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    Values and Aptitudes

    Get up and fight every day against adversity.a


    Take action on the opportunities that are presented to us every day

    Positive attitude:
    Face difficulties with good cheer and perseverance


    The work of several people together to achieve excellent results


    It is the bridge between goals and achievements


    Look for improvement in all aspects

    Ability to assume the consequences of a done event as well as compliance or obligation of the moral type


  • Our Rason
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    Our Reason

    We want to satisfy the needs of the client and the market, recognizing the value of our personnel, encouraging their constant improvement to have qualified and committed human resources.

    We seek excellence and profitability through optimal levels of competitiveness, service, quality, safety.

    We develop processes of operation, innovation and continuous improvement, modernizing day by day our units, equipment, infrastructure and technology



  • Our Focus
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    Our Focus

    To be leaders in the field of ground transportation services, maritime, customs clearance and air freight and products nationally and internationally.

    Anticipate the needs of our customers and the market, exceeding the required standards through investment, creativity and innovation.

    Ensure the welfare and improvement of our staff with qualified human capital being recognized as the main value that strengthens our growth.




  • Full load (FTL)

    Full load (FTL)

    We handle your cargo in Mexico, E.U. Canada and Central America
  • FCL (Full Container Load)

    FCL (Full Container Load)

    We collect your merchandise at source, Maritime transport service by container.
  • National e International

    National e International

    We transport your box or pallet instantly, 1 day of transit (depending on origin and destination).
  • Personalized Attention

    Personalized Attention

    We are experts in logistics and merchandise management.
  • Special services

    Special services

    Customs, handling of pharmaceutical products, bulk, chemical, electronic, high value, dangerous, etc
  • Trained Staff

    Trained Staff

    Experience, Knowledge, Seriousness